FNB Art Joburg
Convention Centre,
South Africa
FNB Art Joburg
Open City,
a Joburg gallery
weekend &
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South Africa

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FNB Art Joburg is curated into 5 sections

HUB - the main section of the fair
MAX - installations/works challenging scale
LAB - an incubation space for safe experimentation
ETC. - prints, publications and ecosystem supporting entities
AUX - talks and public programming

Below is our list of main section galleries
for the 2022 edition, to be held in person
and on Artsy 02 – 04.09.22

For more information on each
section (including invitation criteria),
click on the More Information tab.  

gallery HUB

Afriart Gallery


blank projects

Cape Town, South Africa

Eclectica Contemporary

Cape Town, South Africa

Everard Read

Johannesburg, Cape Town, Franschhoek, London

First Floor Gallery Harare

Harare, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Gallery MOMO

Johannesburg, South Africa

Goodman Gallery

Johannesburg, Cape Town, London

Guns & Rain

Johannesburg, South Africa


Johannesburg, South Africa

SMAC Gallery

Johannesburg, Cape Town, Stellenbosch


Cape Town, Johannesburg,Amsterdam


Cape Town, South Africa

gallery LAB

Bubblegum Gallery

Johannesburg, South Africa

CHURCH Projects

Cape Town, South Africa

Citizen Projects  

Accra, Ghana


Cape Town, Franschhoek, South Africa

Modzi Arts Gallery

Lusaka, Zambia

Ora Loapi

Gaborone, Botswana

Pacers Gallery

Lagos, Nigeria

Saint George Projects

Los Angeles, USA

Suburbia Contemporary

Barcelona, Spain

Village Unhu       

Harare, Zimbabwe

  More Information

The main section of the fair showcases contemporary galleries. Invitation criteria is in line with international standards of art fairs worldwide and is set to align the fair and its galleries with international dialogues and to ensure the responsible patronage of artists. FNB Art Joburg evaluates potential exhibitors based on an essential and secondary round of criteria, as follows:

    Essential Criteria

All of which must be met for a gallery to be considered in the main section.

  1. Representation of artists. In order to qualify, galleries need to represent artists.
  2. Physical gallery space. The applicant needs to have a physical space in which they show artists and have exhibitions.
  3. Exhibitions. Galleries must present a regular exhibition schedule.
  4. Primary business is a contemporary art gallery. Those in consideration for Central must primarily be in the business of selling art.

    Secondary Criteria

Once galleries have passed the essential criteria they are evaluated and ranked according to substantive criteria that are aimed at evaluating the professional practices and overall activities.

  1. Exhibition Programme. A gallery’s exhibition programme is evaluated on the type of exhibitions, curatorial strength of exhibitions and if the artists and themes of the exhibitions reflect the cultural breadth of the context in-which it functions.
  2. Artists represented. The roster of each gallery will be considered for the strength, level of institutional representation and the sociopolitical relevance of the artist.
  3. Publishing and writing. Considered galleries should support and participate in the publishing of researched material which makes an academic or art-historical contribution to artistic discourse.
  4. Art fairs. A gallery’s art fair participation is reviewed – looking at which fairs they may also participate in.
  5. Gallery outreach. Does the gallery show the potential to function beyond a local context by virtue of the quality and strength of their programme? Is work being done by the gallery of broader significance or will it always function within a local environment?
  6. Best practice. Considered galleries must in principle endorse and follow industry standards in the matter it functions both curatorially and commercially.

Invitations are sent from the selection committee.
The 2022 selection committee is made up of Joost Bosland (Stevenson), Daudi Karungi (Afriart), Jonathan Garnham (blank projects), Marcus Gora (First Floor Gallery Harare), Liza Essers (Goodman Gallery) and Gina Molle (Everard Read).