FNB Art Joburg
Sandton Convention
Centre, Johannesburg,
South Africa

The BMW Young
Collectors Co.

For centuries, patrons of the arts have remained far removed from the artists whose work they endorse. Interested in the artists’ work and practice, but disconnected from the artist’s live experience, the relationship centered around the material. A collaboration between BMW and FNB Art Joburg, the BMW Young Collectors Co. initiative was developed to champion Africa’s art market by cultivating a new patronage, a patronage that would grow the support systems artists have.

Born from the action-based FNB Art Joburg, one of the initiative’s objectives is to forge a culture that makes engaging with the local creative economy second-nature for its members. This is achieved through facilitating organic encounters with key players in the arts throughout the year.

Aimed at CEOs, founders, and entrepreneurs under 40, the initiative exists to develop a new generation of art collectors by affording them access to first-hand social experiences with the country’s leading artists, galleries and art patrons.

Looking to protect and serve the arts as much as they collect, this generation of imminent collectors have the opportunity to participate in the arts with a depth that comes from having first-hand insider knowledge.